Growing Your VA Business

Just One Hour Can Make a Difference in Your VA Business

It is often said that time is a non-renewable resource, especially in your Virtual Assistant business where time is money. If you waste an hour - whether it's an hour a day, a week or a month, you could be wasting valuable time. Many VAs bill their clients by the hour, so it stands to reason that they are hyper-aware of time - but are still not always able to control it well. When we don't have a lot ofRead More »Just One Hour Can Make a Difference in Your VA Business

5 Important Reasons to Document Your Business Procedures

Creating business procedures for your Virtual Assistant business helps you with more than just productivity. "The only difference between a mob and a trained army is organization." - Calvin Coolidge When I work with Virtual Assistants to help them make their business better, we often talk about developing standard operating procedures. Many VAs don’t have something like this in their business. They often feel that if they are the only one doing things that it’s not necessary. But I’ve gotRead More »5 Important Reasons to Document Your Business Procedures


How to Stay Committed To Your Business

When starting your own business it’s often easy to get yourself started, but a lot harder to keep yourself going when things get a bit more tough.  Here are ten tips to help you stay committed. Set goals.  Without goals, there’s really not much reason for you to be in business.  If you want to stay connected to your business, it helps to make yourself realize why you’re in business to begin with. Keep goals in mind.  You started yourRead More »How to Stay Committed To Your Business

Expanding Your VA Business

As a virtual assistant it’s very easy to fall into the trap of working around the clock and doing everything all on your own. If you’re getting lots of clients and repeat work, that’s fantastic and speaks dividends about your services. How about now using that to your advantage? Expanding your VA business makes sense on all levels – you’ll have the ability to grow a client base, you’ll have a pool of other VAs to help you on aRead More »Expanding Your VA Business

Fear Is Good ... Here's Why.

Guest Post by Tina Forsyth Fear is getting a bad rap. Fear is often the reason a virtual support professional does NOT do something … versus the reason for them TO DO something. Would you agree? As a Virtual Assistant, freelancer or other virtual support professional, you likely experienced some fear when you decided to officially open your business doors. For me, fear is a big indicator that I need to do something. If I’m scared, it means I mostRead More »Fear Is Good ... Here's Why.

How To Prove You Are the *Right* Person For the Job

Guest Post By Tina Forsyth Over the last years I’ve spoken with a lot of business owners who are searching for a new virtual team member. One of the questions I get asked all the time is “Tina, how do I know if the person I’m hiring can actually do the job.” Too often, business owners jump into a relationship with a new virtual support professional after just two brief conversations. After a few short weeks, things start toRead More »How To Prove You Are the *Right* Person For the Job