Marketing Your VA Business

Why Many Virtual Assistants Aren’t Blogging (But Should Be!)

The most common argument VAs have for not writing a regular blog post: I don’t know what to write! You’ve got your Virtual Assistant website set up and you even have a blog! It’s exciting but that excitement wears off really quickly for many VAs when they realize they have no idea what to write about. Sometimes the first few posts come easily, but then the shine wears off and it becomes difficult to come up with ideas to post.Read More »Why Many Virtual Assistants Aren’t Blogging (But Should Be!)

Is Finding a Niche Necessary For Your VA Business?

Virtual Assistants who are starting out or struggling often end up asking if they need to find a niche to be successful. My answer to this question is a definite YES and NO. Choosing a niche is actually a personal choice, like everything else in your business. There are advantages and disadvantages to deciding to work with a particular group of people. What is a niche? If you’re not sure what I mean by finding a niche, it’s basically chooseRead More »Is Finding a Niche Necessary For Your VA Business?

Your Marketing Plan Goals Check Up

It’s a good idea to check where you’re at in terms of your marketing plan goals and objectives. Some people check weekly, others do it every month – but you should definitely check at least once per quarter. Your goals might include revenue, number of sign-ups to your list, number of products sold, number of visitors to your website and blog – and so on. Regardless of what you measure, you want to make sure you take time out regularlyRead More »Your Marketing Plan Goals Check Up

Tips for Planning Your Content

As an online business owner, you know that content is one of the best tools you have. It drives traffic. It provides your audience with the value and information they seek. It also helps you market your business, products or services. Content is essential for online marketing success. You can achieve greater success if you take the time to plan your content. What Is Content Planning? Content planning is simply the process of taking a look at your calendar andRead More »Tips for Planning Your Content

Why Every VA Needs An Online Presence

Building a VA business? Great! Congratulations! Being self-employed is a fulfilling and rewarding lifestyle. Before you get too far into that business plan, are you planning on having a website? If you’re going to be a virtual assistant, you need one. Here’s why: Your Clients are Online You’re a virtual assistant. Emphasis on virtual. That means your business operates online. Via the internet, email and perhaps instant messaging and conferencing. If you’re without an online presence, you’re missing out onRead More »Why Every VA Needs An Online Presence

How to Make Time for Marketing

To start getting business and success, you must make time for marketing. Most small business owners and solopreneurs know this…let's face it, they've heard it over and over again. Virtual assistants are no different. We are often so busy doing client work that we run out of time to do our own marketing. People insist that they don't have enough time to do everything, and certainly not to do marketing! I know that it's tough – believe me it's theRead More »How to Make Time for Marketing