How I Landed My First Virtual Assistant Client

If you are still struggling to get that first Virtual Assistant client (or that first great client), this is what you need to do. One of the things many Virtual Assistants struggle with is getting their first client. There is so much anxiety around getting clients – especially that first one – that we can often be overcome and get paralyzed. And nothing happens. We try to adjust our services. We try to adjust our rates. We apply for countlessRead More »How I Landed My First Virtual Assistant Client

How to Get More Virtual Assistant Clients through Networking

Improve Your In-Person Networking To Make Better Connections Attending networking events is fun, and can be very rewarding, but are you making the most of your efforts each time you take time to go to one? Think about your last five networking events. How many clients have you signed up? How many great connections did you make? Virtual assistants sometimes avoid in person networking because so many of us are introverts. I always recommend learning to do it well, evenRead More »How to Get More Virtual Assistant Clients through Networking

Avoiding Negativity Online

Networking online is a great thing. It helps you stay connected with your peers and can make working from home a little less lonely. However, there are some pitfalls to networking online. On the internet you don’t have face-to-face interaction with people. You also have a larger amount of people to deal with at any one time. Most of the people you’ll meet are anonymous and this anonymity can often create a feeling of freedom in people. Meaning they mayRead More »Avoiding Negativity Online

Getting the Most out of Business Events

Attending business events is an important aspect of boosting your business's profile. Business events give you the opportunity to meet potential customers, clients, partners and more. It's important to keep in mind how to get the most out of business events as you choose the events to attend. Remember Why - It's important to remember why you are attending business events. Knowing why you are attending will go far in helping you choose the right events to attend. Not allRead More »Getting the Most out of Business Events

Networking Tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Written by: Milissa Harding Although networking is an important aspect of building a business, many quiet-natured entrepreneurs cringe at the thought of attending networking events, and would actually prefer to skip out on going to another event instead of enduring the uncomfortable, awkward and sometimes "fake" atmosphere that many of us have experienced.  I know, because I used to feel this.  One of the reasons why introverted entrepreneurs dislike networking events is because there are simply too many people! There's the pressure to talk with everyone, get to know everyone, "work the room" and collect all of these business cards, but it can feel so inauthentic and pretentious.....UNLESS you know how to navigate the scene in the right way that feels good, and most of us haven't been taught how to do that. This week, I want to invite you to let go of the need to interact with everyone you meet at a networking event.  You don't need to have a conversation with everyone. You don't need everyone's business card.  You don't need to end up exhausted and drained from trying to connect with everyone.  All you need is ONE.  All you need is to connect with just one person, and to feel good about that connection.  That's it.  Imagine creating a community over time of people that you have come to know very well, as a result of investing your time and energy wisely in those relationships.  I don't know about you, but I would prefer connecting deeply with one person at a time instead of casually getting to know a whole bunch of people. Here's how you do it... 1.  Before attending your next networking event, create an intention around how you want to feel during and after the event. 2.  Get clear around the type of person you would enjoy connecting with at the event.  This could be a referral partner, potential client, a service provider you need, etc. 3.   Remind yourself that you are focussing on connecting meaningfully with just one person at this event.  Of course, this doesn't mean that you're planning to ignore everyone else 🙂  , but having this intention will allow you to feel more in control and confident, which in turn will help you to enjoy getting to know this person much more.  Positive connections are key! To receive the rest of the 5-part series on this topic of Networking for Introverts, sign up at Milissa Harding is a Mindset Coach for Introverted Entrepreneurs. She supports shy and introverted entrepreneurs through her step-by-step system which shows them exactly how to grow a businessRead More »Networking Tips for Introverted Entrepreneurs

Effective Networking

by Lori Padgett According to Webster’s New World Dictionary, a network is a “group, system, etc. of interconnected or cooperating individuals.” Choosing An Event/Group Visit as many groups as possible that spark your interest. Notice the tone and attitude of the group. Do the people sound supportive of one another? Does the leadership appear competent? Many groups will allow you to visit two times before joining. Attend events consistently. Going just once every few months is almost a waste ofRead More »Effective Networking