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Learning + Supporting + Sharing = Success!

This equation is the foundation of GAVA.

  • + Lets build community and learn together!
  • + Lets unite and support each other; collaboration is the key to success!
  • + Who says we can’t have fun doing it!!

We believe that every VA has the ability to achieve greatness. Aspiring for success is the common goal of our members and we aim to assist you in achieving this goal.

Running a successful business takes time, knowledge and dedication; it can be an overwhelming experience. But know that you are not alone…. help is simply just a click away.

About GAVA – Learn about the history of GAVA, what we are and what we are not, and our philosophy and vision for the future.

Membership Benefits – Learn why you should join GAVA and the benefits you’ll receive as a GAVA Member.

GAVA Ethics – Our Code of Ethics are the standards and expectations we have of our members and the organization as a whole.

GAVA Preferred Partners – We at GAVA recognize special companies, whose product or service benefits the individual VA and the VA profession as a whole.

GAVA Corporate Partners - We have partners who provide a variety of services to our industry who have agreed to special pricing for their services that we are pleased to pass on to our members.

GAVA Newsletter – Members received our monthly GAVA Newsletter.

Advertise with GAVA – Effectively target your customers with affordable advertising programs. (Contact us for details.)

Join GAVA – Become a member of GAVA.

Come along and discover GAVA!

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