Success Partner Program

Success Partner Program


GAVA Success Partner ProgramStart your journey on the path to success!

The GAVA Success Partners Program™ is a mentoring/coaching/consulting program that provides VAs with support in a one-on-one environment. Our Success Partners are leading VA’s in our industry. You won’t want to miss your opportunity to partner with one of the most successful VAs around!

If you would like to partner with one of these leaders in the industry, please make your first month's purchase below and we’ll help you select the perfect Success Partner, or if you know who you would like to work with, we’ll handle the introduction.

If you would like to become a Success Partner and support our VA Community, please send us an email at

The GAVA Success Partners Program™ is comprised of leading Virtual Assistants in the industry who are happy to offer their expertise, knowledge and resources to GAVA members in a one-on-one environment. The Success Partners are Coaches, Mentors and Consultants ready to support you with taking your business to the next level.

GAVA believes that all VAs can achieve greatness; we also believe that everyone needs a little support from time to time in growing their business. The Success Partners Program™ was developed to give you access to leading professionals, who have been there, done that and willing to share their experience and knowledge with you.

Why a have a Success Partner?

  • A Success Partner is all about having someone in your corner that believes in you and will be an integral part of your success.
  • A Success Partner understands what it means to be a VA and can contribute to your personal and professional development.
  • A Success Partner can provide you important details about the VA industry and standards of practice.
  • A Success Partner provides the necessary support as you discover and accomplish your goals.
  • A Success Partner challenges you to stretch beyond what you thought was possible.
  • A Success Partner is there to listen and provide honest feedback.
  • A Success Partner can help you with solve problems and make tough decisions.
  • A Success Partner provides a 100% safe and confidential environment

How does the program work?

Our Success Partners have happily agreed to provide discounted rates to GAVA members for their services. The typical rate for this type of service is anywhere from $400.00 to $600.00+/month.

As a GAVA member, you are able to work with a Success Partner for just $179.00 USD/month.

The Success Partner Program consists of:

  • 3 – 30 minute one-on-one sessions per month for up to 3 months with one of our Success Partners….leading VAs in the industry. (All sessions are conducted by phone at an arranged date and time.)
  • You will pay GAVA directly for this service and this discounted rate is only for a 3 month period. If you wish to continue with your Success Partner and we are sure you will, than you will be required to pay their usual rate for this service directly.

About your Success Partners:

The Success Partners are simply that, partners to support you in achieving business success. All of our Success Partners are:

  • Avid promoters of the VA profession.
  • Have successful VA businesses themselves.
  • Have been in business for at least 3 years or otherwise noted.
  • Have assisted and supported numerous clients.
  • Have been actively involved in the VA profession by volunteering, leading teleclasses, writing books, developing training programs &/or VA organizations and are top leaders in the VA industry.
  • Virtual Assistants who believe that collaboration and unity among VAs will contribute to the longevity and continued success of the VA Profession in Canada.
  • Practices 100% confidentiality

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