Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Members

This page provides answers to the most common questions we get asked by GAVA Members:

How do I log in to my GAVA account?

You can log in to your GAVA member account by clicking the Member Login button at the top of the main GlobalAVA website page.

How do I update my credit card on file?

You can manage your credit cards on file by going to our secure Member Update site

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership in GAVA at any time before your renewal payment is processed by going to, selecting your membership subscription and clicking Cancel. You may also email us at to cancel at any time if you are unable to access or use the Member Update site.

How do I find out when my membership will automatically renew?

Log in to and click on Subscriptions to see your active membership. The renewal date will be clearly indicated for you there.

Why can I not get a refund?

Membership in GAVA is a subscription that renews automatically, quarterly or annually (based on your membership level). You agree to our automatic renewal terms when you register. You may cancel your membership at any time through the Member Update site or by emailing us as indicated above. As such, we do not refund payments that have been processed, per our registration terms.

How do I upgrade my intro membership to a full or premium one?

If you wish to upgrade your Intro membership to a Full one, click here and use promo code IntroUpgrade. You will be charged the difference between the two levels and when your membership renews, it will renew at the Full member rate.

Can I downgrade my membership?

Full memberships may not be downgraded to Intro level. Before you renew your annual subscription we can change your membership level to a quarterly subscription if you prefer. Email us to request that change.

Where do I find information about events taking place in GAVA?

Event details are posted in the GAVA Facebook group and sent out in the weekly GAVA update email.

I have a question about an RFP that is posted. Who do I ask?

RFPs are posted by clients. We vet the RFPs before posting them by ensuring that all of the details our members need are indicated in the post. Prepare your proposal to the best of your ability based on the information provided and send it to the client. You may indicate questions you have for the client in your cover letter.