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GAVA Success Store

Photoshop Instant Expert

Photoshop Instant Expert

Master Photoshop in 3 Hours Even If You Have No Previous Experience!

It's obvious that it's not a matter of why you should learn Photoshop. It's a better question to ask: Why shouldn't you learn it?

We show you exactly how to use all the relevant tools and useful tricks, revealed by a professional designer. These are the skills which are used by the majority of graphics. Once you learn these fundamentals, everything else is easily picked up the more you use it.

The whole course is designed to get you through as quickly as possible, and with all the vital skills to produce stunning graphics.

We'll also reveal where you can get a full copy of Adobe Photoshop for just $10 bucks!

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Step-by-Step Guide to LeadPages


Better Conversions with LeadPages: Your Step-by-Step Guide with Screenshots

We've created this step-by-step guide with screenshots, to get you quickly "in-the-know" about LeadPages: LeadPages™, LeadBoxes™, webinar pages, 404 pages, and more.

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PowerPoint for Business


PowerPoint for Business Made Easy

With PowerPoint you can add sound bites, videos, photographs, charts, graphs, and much more. It truly is a dynamic platform.

Why do you want to add these bells and whistles? First, using PowerPoint makes your presentation more interesting and more interactive with your audience. Whether you’re presenting to a room full of live people or presenting virtually in a webinar room, showing examples of your work, statistics, graphs, or simply sharing your desktop will keep your audience paying attention.

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Virtual Team Systems

How To Systematize and Automate: 10 Steps to Creating Great Systems for Your Virtual Team

Before you can set up a mean, lean, virtual dream team fueled with the adrenaline of success, you have to know your business inside out. There is no room for fuzzy thinking – and there’s definitely no room for assuming that your team will magically “do everything” or read your mind. (You know how frustrating the latter can be, when clients do that to you!)

Creating great systems for your virtual Team can be broken down into ten very concrete steps. Tackle them systematically, one at a time, and you’ll set yourself – and your Team – up for success.

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Business Planning


Business Planning for the Online Business Owner

In Business Planning for the Online Business Owner, not only will you discover how shocking simple it is to create a real, workable plan for your business, but by the time you've worked through this report, you'll have implemented one for yourself that you can turn to again and again as your business grows.

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Finances for Your VA Business


Finances For Your VA Business

We all know how important it is to keep our finances in order, both personally and professionally. But many of us get stumped with what we need to track and how we can track it easily.

Grab our guide and group of checklists and templates to get things in order.

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Branding your business for success


Branding Your Business For Success

If you’re not actively branding your business, you are wasting golden opportunities to strengthen your online position in your niche. This guide will provide you with all the steps to creating a uniform goal and plan that can help you make sure all your branding efforts are on target.

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google+ hangouts guide


Google+ Hangouts Guide

The merger of the Google and YouTube opened up new possibilities – both for users and Google alike. This guide is going to explore how to use video on Google+, demystifying the topic completely and leaving you with a solid, practical overview.

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LinkedIn strategies for business


LinkedIn Strategies for Business

In today's fast paced business world, networking and marketing through a social media strategy is essential for growth. LinkedIn is a socially professional way to stay up to date on what your competition is doing and to stay connected with other businesses and industries. Get this guide to get started with LinkedIn!

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content marketing strategy


Content Marketing Strategy

In this report, we will look at online content strategies, how to reach your audience, making the distinction between needs vs. want, working with the buying cycle and managing editorial content. The goal of this piece is to give you a better understanding of a prospects needs and wants in visiting your site, and how you can provide it for them.

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guide to working with subcontractors


Increasing Your Profits: A VA's Guide to Working With Subcontractors

You may have already turned away clients when your project calendar filled up, sent clients to a colleague or tried to meet their needs with disastrous results. Have no worries, it’s happened to the best of us, but that doesn’t mean you’re stuck with too much work and not enough time. There is a better way and our guide has the answer.

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