RFP Screening Service

As a service to our busy corporate clients we now offer screening of VAs according to criteria you provide.

We know that sometimes you're too busy even to stop and find someone who can help you. Reading through proposals and quotations can take time. Time that you don't have. That's why we now offer a screening service. You provide your criteria and we will submit an RFP on your behalf, screen the candidates to make sure they meet your criteria and we'll even check references.

This service has been created to help time-strapped business owners skip the sifting of the deluge of proposals received, and forego the lengthy interviewing and reference checking process, to be presented with the Top 3 respondents from which to select the ideal fit for their businesses needs.

It's that simple.  And affordable.  $247.00 USD will provide you with qualified candidates to choose from.

If you would like to have our staff screen the RFPs of those VAs interested in assisting you with your tasks or projects, please Click here.  After you place your order you will be taken to a form to explain, in detail, what your requirements are.

IMPORTANT: Please read our Disclaimer .

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