What is Billable Time in Your Virtual Assistant Business?

There’s a surprising question that comes up when Virtual Assistants are asking others for advice. What is billable time to your clients and what isn’t? The answers you see to this question will often surprise you. They definitely surprise me! The short answer is that anything you are doing for a client should be billed to them. Here’s a quick example. Think about going to McDonalds (or wherever your favourite pickup place is). You don’t leave with anything that youRead More »What is Billable Time in Your Virtual Assistant Business?

Software for Professional Billing

As a business owner, you will need to send invoices to your clients in order to get paid. Sending a professional-looking invoice not only creates a good image for your business, but it also aids in helping you get paid on time. Clients are going to treat you in a more professional manner if you treat your business in a more professional manner. Plus, as a business owner it is imperative that you are able to manage invoicing and billingRead More »Software for Professional Billing