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Create an Onboarding Process for Your VA Clients

First impressions matter, in every relationship – but especially in business. When a client has paid you money or agreed to work with you, their expectations kick into gear immediately. If you aren’t providing a great first impression, you could be losing a bit of your client’s trust before you even start working together. Have you developed a great onboarding process for your new clients? If you haven’t, I have some great tips for you. Your process for onboarding clientsRead More »Create an Onboarding Process for Your VA Clients

Software for Professional Billing

As a business owner, you will need to send invoices to your clients in order to get paid. Sending a professional-looking invoice not only creates a good image for your business, but it also aids in helping you get paid on time. Clients are going to treat you in a more professional manner if you treat your business in a more professional manner. Plus, as a business owner it is imperative that you are able to manage invoicing and billingRead More »Software for Professional Billing

Ten Ways To Balance Work and Family

Balancing a work life and a home life can be difficult, but with a little knowledge and planning, you can make it work for you.  Here are ten tips that will help you balance your work life and home life. 1.  Set realistic goals.  It's pretty much a given fact that if you want to achieve something big, you have to make some sacrifices.  While the select few can manage, most people can't become a CEO and run a successfulRead More »Ten Ways To Balance Work and Family

Avoid "Burn Out" by Balancing Work and Family

Many people turn to a home business in an effort to be able to spend more time with their family while earning an income. While it is never easy to be a full-time working parent outside the home, it can be just as hard, if not harder, to be a full-time working parent from home. When your family sees you at home, they may automatically feel that you are at their service. One child may need a ride somewhere, anotherRead More »Avoid "Burn Out" by Balancing Work and Family

Be Honest About Deadlines

We all know what it’s like to have a deadline looming over our heads.  We spend most of our time feeling like we’re being pushed, often unwillingly, toward the goal line of one project or another.  We also all know what it’s like to miss a deadline.  However, with time and effort you can reduce your stress and meet deadlines more efficiently. The first part of meeting goals is setting them.  This part is far more important than it seems. Read More »Be Honest About Deadlines

How to Keep Confidential Information Safe

While technology progresses, it has become easier and easier to get a hold of people’s personal information and other important documents.  There are many ways to help keep ahead of these people and keep your information safe.  The key is knowing what they are and keeping yourself protected. When it comes to computers, it can be difficult to keep your information safe from potential hackers and other dangers.  That’s why it’s important to have a quality antivirus program.  But, contraryRead More »How to Keep Confidential Information Safe